Doing Small Favors vs. Consulting for Free

Today I’m confessing a professional sin. What made it worse is that it’s the same sort of sin people usually commit against writers: I asked for free advice. Continue reading

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Putting on Your Lawyer Hat

One rare occasions, I’ve provided an initial “lawyer’s eye” review of small business documents. This has occurred simply because I have a general idea of the sorts of things lawyers will nitpick. That said, whenever I’ve reviewed business agreements, employment contracts, terms and conditions, or other documents that stray into the field of law, I am firm in my request that the customer talk to an actual lawyer, especially if I have questions and don’t know the answer to them. Today’s post will provide some additional insight if you find yourself in a similar position. Continue reading

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Get Started

Thanks to the mixing of a few thoughts this weekend, it occurred to me that my greatest strength might not be my writing. Or even editing, for that matter. Those skills are useful, and I have them, to be sure, but there’s another characteristic that has kept my career moving: the willingness to take action and get things started.

Continue reading

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Thoughts For My Younger Readers

Thanks to nearly ten years of offering this unsolicited advice, I’ve put myself in position to briefly mentor younger people–many of them still in high school–so I thought I’d address this audience directly today. Those of you who are older and already working will have to wait your turn. Continue reading

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The Organization of You, Inc.

As a freelance technical writer, you are responsible for all aspects of your business. This post isn’t meant to scare anyone, though I suppose it can serve as a warning if you’re wondering if going out on your own is something for you. The good news is that you aren’t having to perform every business function every day. Continue reading

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