Scaling and Strategy

So let’s say you’ve working on or for a small business and you need to take the next step and get out into the big, bad marketplace. The Space Foundation Space Commerce workshop (courtesy of Kelli Kedis Ogborn) addressed ways to refine a product, identify growth opportunities, understanding gaps and barriers to your goals, and ways to overcome them. Read on! Continue reading

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Identifying Opportunities as a Small Business Owner

The lunch session of the Space Foundation’s small business (SB) workshop comprised quick talks by a couple of folks who know the space business in Florida. Mind you, this will not apply to all of you, but I will endeavor to tie this back to a more industry-neutral tone before I finish. I’m nice like that. Continue reading

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Creating Your Value Proposition

Continuing with lessons learned from the Space Commerce Business workshop, today I’ll be talking about defining your value proposition in the marketplace. While this is primarily aimed at freelancers and small business owners, it’s also something to think about when you’re interviewing for full- or part-time jobs: how do you add value? Continue reading

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Customer Discovery

Having dodged a major storm, I’ll return now to lessons learned from the Space Commerce small business workshop. The reason it’s useful to concentrate your potential customers is to help you concentrate your marketing efforts and to help you find the right fit for you, your skill sets, and your preferred work environment. Let’s dig in a little further. Continue reading

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Why We Have Emergency Drills

Satellite Image DorianI’ve mentioned once or twice that I’m a fan of emergency/contingency planning for when things go wrong. The usual emergency I have to worry about here in Florida is the occasional hurricane. It’s not just enough to be aware that the season starts in June. I need to have a checklist of emergency food/water supplies and additional plans for what to do with my computers and other valuables should my apartment be compromised by flood or flying debris. More importantly, if  I don’t practice what I’m going to do, I might not be fully prepared when an actual hurricane arrives.  Continue reading

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