Handling Emergency Plans

It irritates, sickens, and angers me to no end that I have to write about this topic at all. However, as the shooting this week in Florida has shown, the country of my birth continues to be plagued by evil fools willing to use guns to kill innocent people in massive numbers. What can you as a technical communicator do? Continue reading

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Making Technical Subjects Engaging for General Audiences

I’ve often joked that my primary job has been “translating Engineerish into English,” at least when I worked primarily for engineers. Today’s entry came from a friend who suggested I talk about “Connecting to an audience [that] might not be technologically proficient but is insanely interested in the topics you write about.” So, to honor that request, let’s get started. Continue reading

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Why Do You Do What You Do?

Fear not, I’ll get into practical technical writing matters again soon, but as I’m writing this, I’m still in a philosophical mood. We have many different motivations for getting into the technical writing profession. The important thing is that–whatever your background–you enjoy what you do. Continue reading

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After-Action Report: Falcon Heavy Launch


A bit delayed this morning, but as promised, I spent my Tuesday watching and reporting on the launch of SpaceX’s latest launch vehicle, Falcon Heavy. You can read my actual journalistic effort here. Today’s blog comprises my personal observations/thoughts without wearing my journalist hat. Continue reading

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On Site for Falcon Heavy

Apologies for the late entry, all. I’m on site at Kennedy Space Center for the February 6 launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. My pre-launch article is already live on Spaceflight Insider and I’ll be writing the post-launch article once the launch has gone off. I know, I lean heavily on the space stuff on this blog–that’s why I got into technical writing in the first place–but bear with me if I share a few thoughts about why I love space exploration and rocket launches in general. Continue reading

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Leaving a Legacy

I’m getting to an age where a person starts to wonder what others might think of him when he’s gone. Mid-life crisis? Maybe, maybe not. However, since I’ve never been eager to have kids (at this or any age) and because I’ve done most of my work for other people, I’m left to wonder how might I contribute to the world before I get too old to do so. If you’re of an age where such thoughts have started to occur to you, read on. If you’re young yet, you might find this interesting going forward. Maybe it will give you some ideas. Continue reading

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Do You Work to Live or Live to Work?

I’m about to say some things that might be heretical to my fellow Americans. My apologies in advance, but I’m about to question one of our common shared religious beliefs: the belief that we should live to work. I would, after going through my own workaholic phase, respectfully suggest we reverse that behavior Continue reading

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