Ennui Got You Down? Consider These Tips

This month’s missive is response to a friend who was struggling with his work situation. Republished with permission and a few additions. Continue reading

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The Habits We Take With Us

Today will be one of those “keeping it real” posts, where I share something I screwed up, how I fixed it, and what I learned from the experience. Sometimes problems can arise simply from bad habits. Continue reading

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The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Leahy

Progress continues at Advanced Space, as I’ve now been working there a month and a half. As my employer starts to observe my capabilities and the number of tasks that require writing or editing, I find my list of tasks expanding. That’s as I would prefer it. Continue reading

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Transitioning from Freelance Life Back to Full-Time Employment

If you read the past few months’ entries, you’ll see that I’ve had an interesting year, which began with being told that my ongoing (it would have been eight years as of May 30) contract with Nissan would be coming to an end. This has resulted in quite a few changes in my professional life while other events have been occurring in my personal life, which I’ll recapitulate below. The bottom-line message of this month’s post is: change happens, and the better you can handle that reality, the better you will adapt as your career unfolds. Continue reading

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Job Hunting, Interviewing, and Exercising Patience

While work continues on my short-term contract with NASA, so too does has the job hunt. Jobs in my preferred industry in Central Florida have been thin online, so it was a welcome relief when my network once again worked its magic in March and a former customer messaged me in LinkedIn to see if I’d be interested in working for his company. The down side was that it took a while for the formal interview process to move at the speed I’d hoped. Demonstrating calm and patience while job and house hunting has been…challenging. Continue reading

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