Preview of Coming Attractions

As I mentioned on the blog recently, I do plan on selling a paperback version of Heroic Technical Writing: Making a Difference in the Workplace and Your Life. The Kindle version is scheduled to be available August 31. Based on some logic I don’t quite understand, Amazon won’t generate paperbacks until the electronic version is already out there in the world. Therefore, a physical-object version of the book will be available sometime after August 31. I will post more updates as I get them. Continue reading

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One Crisis at a Time

This year might feel worse or stranger than others. One crisis after another after another. In my neighborhood, for instance, we’ve got a tropical storm coming just to make the summer a bit more interesting. Yet how much are people expected to take? The answer is that no one really knows. However, I thought I’d use this post to offer a little advice on how to respond. Continue reading

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eBook Formatting

I’ve decided to follow my friend Laura‘s path of publishing my e-book (and, hopefully soon) paperback with Amazon. I discovered that it wasn’t as simple as uploading a Microsoft Word document and thinking that it would be good to go. Below are a few tips for the would-be nonfiction writer to get your book ready for the big, bad world of e-publishing. Continue reading

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Sausage Making, Science, and Communicating About COVID-19

A few days ago, the following tweet crossed my Facebook feed, and I felt it worth writing about it in more detail here:

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What Can Go Wrong? Let Me Count the Ways

Each industry has its own special challenges, from agriculture to zoology. And because human beings remain imperfect, the universe chaotic, and accidents inevitable, engineers have taken do developing plans for how to handle the situation when–not if–things go wrong. Below are some of the documents you might encounter if you’re a technical writer in the aerospace engineering or space science fields working with NASA. Continue reading

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