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Do You Have to Be an Engineer to Write for Engineers?

The short answer to the title of this entry is “Not just no, but heck no!” However, I encountered a differing few in the comment threads on LinkedIn and felt the need to respond at greater length without clogging the … Continue reading

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Reader Response: What Should a High School Student Do to Be a Space Writer?

I’ve received another reader email seeking insights on what to do to pursue studies to become a tech writer in the space business. Between my fan mail and my Google Analytics, it’s clear that I’m reaching my target audience. Huzzah! … Continue reading

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Reader Response: How Do I Transition from Teaching to Technical Writing?

A friend of a friend was seeking advice about how to move from teaching to becoming a technical writer. Her message and my response are below. If you’re in a similar situation, you might find this exchange useful!

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Talking to Kids About What You Do

When I was growing up, my mother was a bookkeeper and my father was a sales representative for Eastern Airlines. To this day, I’d be hard-pressed to explain to you exactly what either of them did on their job to keep … Continue reading

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Should I Join STC?

I’ve never really discussed membership in the Society for Technical Communication (STC) because of my own mixed feelings about STC or organizations like it. I have been a member, off and on, am not one currently, but might be one again … Continue reading

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Avoiding Error vs. Pursuing Excellence

Anyone who has watched an athletic competition knows that playing not to lose is not the same as playing to win. The best an individual or team could hope to achieve is a 0-0 tie. Life in the professional or … Continue reading

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Talking with Students About Writing Textbooks

Last month a friend and I had the opportunity to talk to some middle-school students about writing science articles. Apparently one of the social studies teachers down the hall heard there was a writer in the house and requested my services … Continue reading

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