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Academic vs. Business Writing

During my time at the 2018 STC Summit, I asked knowledgable professionals about things that young professionals or fresh-out-of-school university students needed to work on to be more effective in the workplace. One topic that came up was using “academic-style” … Continue reading

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2018 STC Summit: Attendee Comments Re: the Technical Writing Book

As noted on Thursday, I attended the 2018 STC Summit last week, with the dual purpose of learning what the tech writing community was talking about as well as collect additional information for my tech writing book project. I received … Continue reading

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The Good Parts About Working With SMEs

This blog was written in response to a survey comment. One survey respondent said that “Interactive skills and depth of listening even appear unpleasant.” Wow. I guess he had a point: I’ve often shared some of my “horror stories” when … Continue reading

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Parts of Speech in English

One of the folks who responded to my content survey, Abdul in India, was seeking some more information about “linguistic terms and phrases.” It occurred to me that some of you became technical writers by accident (say, by starting as … Continue reading

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Reader Response: How Do You Handle Questions You Can’t Answer?

Ask and ye shall receive. I got some great questions from readers this past week. Today’s question is from Matt, who’s a regular reader (thank you!). The short version of his question was, how do you handle questions you can’t answer? … Continue reading

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Do You Have to Be an Engineer to Write for Engineers?

The short answer to the title of this entry is “Not just no, but heck no!” However, I encountered a differing few in the comment threads on LinkedIn and felt the need to respond at greater length without clogging the … Continue reading

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Reader Response: What Should a High School Student Do to Be a Space Writer?

I’ve received another reader email seeking insights on what to do to pursue studies to become a tech writer in the space business. Between my fan mail and my Google Analytics, it’s clear that I’m reaching my target audience. Huzzah! … Continue reading

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