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What Motivates You?

I’ve been meditating on this topic for a while but I was trying to find a way to write about it in a way that wouldn’t put my readers on the defensive–nobody likes having their motives questioned. Still, I think … Continue reading

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Reader Response: What Do You Do and How Do You Do It?

A colleague of mine who’s attending the University of Alabama-Huntsville sought to interview me as part of a classroom assignment. I do this from time to time, but that’s not the same as doing someone’s homework for them, in case … Continue reading

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Friend, Foe, or Both? Life in the Government Contracting World

One thing that struck me as curious when I started working for a defense contractor was how other companies could be competitors on some proposals and partner (prime or sub) contractors on others. I’ll try to explain why this happens … Continue reading

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Future Challenges in Space Writing

As promised, today I’ll take on the subject of future issues in technical writing in a space context. This war born out of a Facebook discussion with my former thesis advisor, Karla Kitalong, who’s now teaching at Michigan Technological University. … Continue reading

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Writing Differences Between the Non-Profit and For-Profit Worlds

Today’s post was suggested by my friend Susan, who asked, “What about the various differences or challenges of working public/private or profit/non-profit gigs?” Primarily, the two types of writing differ by process, collaboration, and style.

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