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Being a Team Player: How Do You Define It?

I am probably the wrong person to be writing this. As a corporate employee I was not always seen as a team player as defined by my managers. That can be a problem, especially at review time.

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Post-Conference Activities

Apologies if this is a little late. I’ve been doing conference follow-up on my TVIW experience. Conference follow-up? What the heck is that? Allow me to explain.

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Expressing Concerns in a Technical Environment

As I noted here last Monday, I spent last week at the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW), handling the conference’s social media activities. As an interested participant, I had my own interests to pursue as well. And given the awfulness … Continue reading

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Playing the Game

When I was in my early to mid-twenties, I was often sarcastic, dismissive of manager opinions, and expecting to advance by people naturally recognizing how brilliant I was. In short, I was a smart-@$$, entitled, pain in the neck. I … Continue reading

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Blogging for Your Audience (i.e., The Space Industry Blogs Were Not a Detour)

For the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve been writing blogs targeted to my audience members who have emailed me about getting a job in the space business, as those are the majority of readers who contact me. I basically kicked out … Continue reading

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What Are People Reading on This Blog?

I’m taking an extended vacation this week, so today’s entry and Monday’s will be retrospective pieces to save me from bringing my laptop with me. Today I’ll be looking at the top five entries from 2017 (so far!). Enjoy.

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Reader Response: What Kind of Reports Do You Write at NASA?

This week’s reader letter comes from Brittany, a student who had questions about the types of reports I’ve written for NASA, who I wrote them for, and what sorts of legal or ethical issues could be tied to those reports. … Continue reading

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