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Do You Have to Be an Engineer to Write for Engineers?

The short answer to the title of this entry is “Not just no, but heck no!” However, I encountered a differing few in the comment threads on LinkedIn and felt the need to respond at greater length without clogging the … Continue reading

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Reader Response: What Should a High School Student Do to Be a Space Writer?

I’ve received another reader email seeking insights on what to do to pursue studies to become a tech writer in the space business. Between my fan mail and my Google Analytics, it’s clear that I’m reaching my target audience. Huzzah! … Continue reading

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Reader Response: How Do I Transition from Teaching to Technical Writing?

A friend of a friend was seeking advice about how to move from teaching to becoming a technical writer. Her message and my response are below. If you’re in a similar situation, you might find this exchange useful!

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Should I Join STC?

I’ve never really discussed membership in the Society for Technical Communication (STC) because of my own mixed feelings about STC or organizations like it. I have been a member, off and on, am not one currently, but might be one again … Continue reading

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What is a “Space Writer,” Anyway?

Today’s entry comes in response to a note from Sharmila, who asked the following about my “How an English Major Got a Job at NASA” story: Hi. Thanks for the post! Something that I needed. I’m pursuing CSE undergraduate course … Continue reading

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This year, I was recently reminded, will mark 30 years since I graduated from high school. I’ve also noted that it’s been nine years since I first started doing work for Science Cheerleader, and six years since I finished chairing the International Space … Continue reading

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Writing When Information is Scarce

I’ve written about research when there are plenty of sources to be had (here and here, for example), but occasionally I run into situations where publicly available information is hard to come by. What then?

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