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This year, I was recently reminded, will mark 30 years since I graduated from high school. I’ve also noted that it’s been nine years since I first started doing work for Science Cheerleader, and six years since I finished chairing the International Space … Continue reading

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Writing When Information is Scarce

I’ve written about research when there are plenty of sources to be had (here and here, for example), but occasionally I run into situations where publicly available information is hard to come by. What then?

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Creative Writing in a Business Setting

I’m a big fan of writing the first draft. If something hasn’t been done before, but needs to be done, I look on that as an opportunity to do something new. This could include anything from establishing job descriptions and … Continue reading

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Read the–What Do You Mean, There’s No Manual?

A friend sent me an article about the ongoing demise of hardware and software documentation in the tech world. I have found this trend vexing because a) I have been paid to write tech manuals and b) I actually READ the frickin’ manual … Continue reading

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What Competence Looks Like

It might appear that I make a lot of mistakes, given some of my posts (here and here, for example). You might wonder, given the various hiccups I write about, whether I’m able to perform my job adequately. I imagine … Continue reading

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Shifting Gears When Working on Multiple Projects

Whether you’re a freelance writer with multiple customers or a staff writer with multiple projects, you might occasionally feel your mental gears grinding as you shift from one project to another. I have a few suggestions for keeping your brain from wearing … Continue reading

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Do You Fear, Cope With, or Embrace the Future?

This morning’s entry was inspired by a post from my friend Cynthia titled, rather hubristically, “Here’s What It’s Going to Take for Augmented Reality to Take Over the World.” It got me to thinking a bit about how I look at … Continue reading

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