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Sausage Making, Science, and Communicating About COVID-19

A few days ago, the following tweet crossed my Facebook feed, and I felt it worth writing about it in more detail here: Part of the reason the pandemic is so bad in US is because people who are never … Continue reading

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What Can Go Wrong? Let Me Count the Ways

Each industry has its own special challenges, from agriculture to zoology. And because human beings remain imperfect, the universe chaotic, and accidents inevitable, engineers have taken do developing plans for how to handle the situation when–not if–things go wrong. Below … Continue reading

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The Book–At Last!

Huzzah! On Sunday I pulled the trigger on making the book, Heroic Technical Writing: Making a Difference in the Workplace and Your Life, a Kindle edition…available August 31. I’m hoping to have the paperback edition available by then as well…we’ll see … Continue reading

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Is Advice from Older People Worth Anything?

A week or so ago, a high school friend suggested on Facebook that Millennials and Gen Z (Zoomers?) young folks shouldn’t bother listening to older people’s advice about how we did things “back in our day.” His assertion was that … Continue reading

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Technical Writing Paths to and from NASA

One of the most common questions I get from Heroic Technical Writing readers is: “How do I get a job at NASA?” Mind you, I’ve written a few articles talking about the space writing biz outside of NASA as well, but … Continue reading

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