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Writing Differences Between the Non-Profit and For-Profit Worlds

Today’s post was suggested by my friend Susan, who asked, “What about the various differences or challenges of working public/private or profit/non-profit gigs?” Primarily, the two types of writing differ by process, collaboration, and style.

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Insights from “Writing Without Bulls#!+”

I’m recommending a book that could have offended me if I let it. A few weeks ago, I received a tweet from a consultant suggesting that he could help with my recently rejected book proposal. While I appreciated the offer, … Continue reading

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Proposal Style Sheets

The more proposals I do, the more I appreciate the need for a style sheet. These templates can do more than establish fonts, headings, spacing, captions, and body text styles. They can provide the proposal team with a list of … Continue reading

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Writing vs. Editing: Which One is for You?

Much of my work for the last year has been editing someone else’s existing content. I don’t mind this–it’s an opportunity to smooth out bumpy or clunky places and make the prose flow better. However, I didn’t realize how much … Continue reading

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The Rotten First Draft

“Everyone writes a sh**y first draft.” –Anne Lamott I’ve got a presentation that I had been putting off doing any work on because I was waiting for further inputs from my intended audiences (two distinct groups–a topic I’ll cover in … Continue reading

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