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How Full is Your Inbox?

Apparently my ability to occasionally clear out my email inbox–personal or professional–is something of a rarity. I honestly don’t understand this, but a friend suggested I share my “secrets” for making this phenomenon occur. Happy to oblige.

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Understanding the Impacts of Policy Announcements in the News

This past week, Vice President Mike Pence called for NASA to return human beings to the Moon by 2024. Back when I worked at NASA, I would’ve been thrilled by such an announcement and would have started speculated immediately about … Continue reading

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It Always Works for the Tech

I’m not sure how this happens, but automobile and computer technicians occasionally strike fear into the hearts of cars and computers everywhere. How is it that a problem that occurs on a daily (or more often) basis suddenly disappears without … Continue reading

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Calling the IT Department

We’ve all had those days: the network is doing something strange; an application you use every day suddenly decides to reject your password; or you’re trying something new and the system just isn’t accepting it. If you’re a dedicated techie, … Continue reading

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Looking Back: Apollo 8

I’m going to elaborate on something I tweeted earlier this weekend as I was re-watching the Ron Howard/Tom Hanks historical drama about the Apollo program, From the Earth to the Moon. And yes, I’ll bring back around to technical writing before … Continue reading

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