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Insights from “Writing Without Bulls#!+”

I’m recommending a book that could have offended me if I let it. A few weeks ago, I received a tweet from a consultant suggesting that he could help with my recently rejected book proposal. While I appreciated the offer, … Continue reading

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Proposal Style Sheets

The more proposals I do, the more I appreciate the need for a style sheet. These templates can do more than establish fonts, headings, spacing, captions, and body text styles. They can provide the proposal team with a list of … Continue reading

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Book Update: Submissions and Rejections

I’ve seen a lot of online and printed advice indicating that a prospective author should not pester a publisher about his/her submission because the backlog on publishing is often long–like anywhere from two to six months. It was in that … Continue reading

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Proposal Writing for Engineers

Following my presentation last week, an engineer friend pointed out that the biggest adjustment he faced with technical writing was learning to write proposals. For reasons that elude me, unless they’re required to take a technical writing class, college/university engineering … Continue reading

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The Tech Writer’s Proposal Survival Guide

In response to my friend Erin’s comment that she was having trouble navigating an RFI (Request for Information), I thought I’d pass along the most useful posts related to the task. And because it’s a nice way to help you, … Continue reading

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