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Soft Skills for Being a Team Player

This blog is in response to a survey comment. I got some great responses recently, and I’d especially like to thank Nevin in Ireland for some great topic suggestions! His specific question was, “What personal skills you should develop to … Continue reading

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How to Give Advice Without Being a Jerk About It

I have mixed results with giving advice. Sometimes I get a sincere thank-you, sometimes I never hear from the individual again, leaving me to wonder if it was what I said or how I said it. This is obviously not … Continue reading

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What Kind of Leader Do You Want

While I’m pretty certain that regular readers can guess who I’m voting for based on previous posts, I do not intend to write any sort of “endorsement” post on the day before the election. (And really, can you see any … Continue reading

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Work Lessons from Baseball

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Chicago Cubs fan. This has been a good year to watch, as they’ve had a spectacular season (103-58, thank you very much), and have just won the National League Divisional Series. Winning teams are fun to watch because … Continue reading

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Are You a Leader, Follower, or Other?

For ten years, my father and I bickered back and forth about why I wasn’t going into management. The arguments seemed rational—better pay, better benefits, more chance for advancement—but they didn’t move me. Maybe it’s an introvert thing, maybe it’s … Continue reading

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