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Setting and Enforcing Personal Boundaries

Do customers get in your personal space? Do they trample on your free time or push you too hard to get extra work done or cut ethical corners? If so, you might have what my mentor D2 calls boundary issues: … Continue reading

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Positive Self-Talk in the Workplace

Among the science fiction, history, and philosophy stuff on my shelves, there are also a lot of self-improvement books. One thing several of these books state is that your brain operates based on whatever input you give it. It’s a … Continue reading

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Risk Taking in Technical Communication

At the recommendation of a friend, this week I took the time to read Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway! by Susan Jeffers. The book is directed at individuals who are stuck at some point in their life–personal or professional–because of … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

As I’ve noted in previous entries, I’m a rather emotional chap on occasion. My mentor D2 suggested a webinar on using emotional intelligence titled “How Emotional Intelligence Drives Candid Conversations and Improved Performance.” The presentation provided some useful insights on what … Continue reading

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Work-Life Balance

Taking some time off again this weekend, so I’m returning to a familiar question: Does work-life balance really exist? Some people live to work, others work to live. Your perspective on the question is determined by which you prefer.

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Is It Okay to Use “Text Speak” in Your Social Media Postings?

The short version: No. The long answer: No, but… (read on)

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Prioritizing Your Work

Okay, so I’m late again. My apologies. The past seven days have been a bit hectic, as I’ve been taking on a new corporate client with a lot of complex content, as well as all my other commitments. Something had … Continue reading

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