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One Crisis at a Time

This year might feel worse or stranger than others. One crisis after another after another. In my neighborhood, for instance, we’ve got a tropical storm coming just to make the summer a bit more interesting. Yet how much are people … Continue reading

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What Can Go Wrong? Let Me Count the Ways

Each industry has its own special challenges, from agriculture to zoology. And because human beings remain imperfect, the universe chaotic, and accidents inevitable, engineers have taken do developing plans for how to handle the situation when–not if–things go wrong. Below … Continue reading

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I’m a tad grouchy today, and I apologize. The source of today’s grumpiness is related to people not following up on simple tasks.

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Is Advice from Older People Worth Anything?

A week or so ago, a high school friend suggested on Facebook that Millennials and Gen Z (Zoomers?) young folks shouldn’t bother listening to older people’s advice about how we did things “back in our day.” His assertion was that … Continue reading

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Mourning the Pre-Pandemic Life

I learned about the “stages of grief” model about ten years ago, when I was facing a major program shutdown and, potentially, loss of my job with NASA at the time. The agency provided discussion groups for those of us … Continue reading

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