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Better, Faster, Cheaper: Pick Two, The Home Edition

I’m ridiculously late posting today because I’ve been balancing paying work with school and moving-related tasks. Tonight’s adventure was a solid lesson in “better, faster, cheaper.” Whether you’re purchasing IT equipment, procuring a large space system, or buying home appliances, … Continue reading

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The Forms Must Be Obeyed: Applying for a Mortgage

The amount of paperwork required to apply for a mortgage loan can be a little daunting and frustrating at times. Tomorrow I’ll be signing the paperwork that will make me the proud owner of a condominium in Winter Park, Florida. … Continue reading

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The Tools of the Trade

Updated 9:13 a.m. 15 July 2021 to add highlights and apology for length. Each job or trade has evolved specialized tools to do the job better, from carpenters to chefs. Technical writers are no exception, though there are not a … Continue reading

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Requirements Gathering for Senior Care

In addition to my sister moving to Florida, Mom is now looking to come down here (after all, the grandkids and both of her kids would be here, and there’s no snow here). Without divulging too much, let’s just say … Continue reading

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Feast, Famine, and Boiling Frogs

Cycles of “feast or famine” (busy-ness or quietude) in the freelance world is not uncommon. Different industries have their busy seasons, and sometimes clients just don’t have anything for you. After a long stretch of relative quiet, it’s gotten quite … Continue reading

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