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Job Hunting, Interviewing, and Exercising Patience

While work continues on my short-term contract with NASA, so too does has the job hunt. Jobs in my preferred industry in Central Florida have been thin online, so it was a welcome relief when my network once again worked … Continue reading

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Making Your Own Luck

Long-time readers of this blog might note that I don’t talk a lot about business development or marketing as a freelancer. There are a couple of solid reasons for that: 1) I’m not particularly good at it, but also 2) … Continue reading

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The Value of a Loyal Opposition

I’m going to touch on politics today to make a work-related point. If you don’t even want to think about American politics (and honestly, I don’t blame you), feel free to go through previous entries or wait until Thursday. If … Continue reading

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Are You Building Your Network Through Friendships or Transactional Relationships?

We all have some notion of what it means to form a friendship, on or off the job. But what, you might ask, is a “transactional relationship?” That, my friends, is a relationship you cultivate for the sole purpose of … Continue reading

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Overlapping Your Interests

If you have a lot of side projects with overlapping interests or topics, occasionally the various streams in your life will cross. This is a good thing, though sometimes it happens quite by accident. This week, I’ve got four different … Continue reading

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