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Yes, I’ve finally made this happen: Heroic Technical Writing is now available for preorder on Amazon Kindle (actual publication date: August 31) for US $5.99 plus tax and shipping (£4.75 in the UK).  I’m hoping to have a paperback version available as well.

I’ve crystallized my accumulated wisdom about the technical writing profession into one handy reference text, which you can use in classroom, workplace, or mobile environments.

What Does the Book Include?

In short, this is a set of lessons that they [mostly] don’t teach in colleges and universities:

  • Creating specific products in a working environment.
  • Enhancing careers by managing business relationships responsibly.
  • Working effectively in any work environment.
  • Maximizing career opportunities with an English or liberal arts degree.

Sorting through seven years of blog entries, I extracted the important lessons, dividing them into six “Ps”:

  1. Products – The actual documents developed by technical communicators.
  2. Processes – The office procedures that technical communicators follow in their work.
  3. People & Politics – Working with the varied and often complex personalities and political structures that shape professional life.
  4. Professionalism – How to think and behave constructively in the workplace.
  5. Pursuing Work – How tech writers find jobs as employees or freelancers.
  6. Protecting Yourself – How to handle things like your health, insurance, reputation, and retirement.

If you are interested in the paperback, I’ll make autographed copies available to you (for an additional markup) once the book is in production and available to me!

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  1. Randy Van Nostrand says:

    I don’t use a Kindle. I would like a printed copy. What is the cost?

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