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Thinking Like an Adult

I’ve written a little about this topic before, but sometimes I need a reminder. First, I suppose I should clarify what I mean by “thinking like an adult.” For me, it means simply that you’re taking responsibility for your situation/circumstances … Continue reading

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Interview with Justina Simon, Graphic Designer

As promised, this week I’m sharing an interview with a technical communication professional–in this case, Justina Simon, a graphic designer. Technical writers interact with designers often, especially in larger organizations with separate graphics departments. Read on and learn how that … Continue reading

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Is It Better to the New Kid on the Block?

New jobs can be stressful. You’re dealing with a whole new group of people, processes, and products. You might even have changed industries. And being the new kid on the block means you’re often clueless about what’s going on or … Continue reading

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Questions from My Readers for a Graphic Designer

Howdy, folks! I will be interviewing another guest next week: Justina Simon, freelance graphic designer/owner at Blue Pixel Graphics. If you have questions for her, email me via bart at heroictechwriting dot com. While I’ll be sending her my own questions, … Continue reading

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Interview with Laura Schaefer, Ghost Writer

As promised, today I’ve got an interview with a guest writer, Laura Schaefer. Read on, and learn about the mysteries of professional ghost writing! 

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