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What Competence Looks Like

It might appear that I make a lot of mistakes, given some of my posts (here and here, for example). You might wonder, given the various hiccups I write about, whether I’m able to perform my job adequately. I imagine … Continue reading

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Making Corrections in Social Media

I won’t bore you with the tale that prompted this entry. Suffice to say, I’m not perfect. Odds are, you aren’t either. The question is, what do you do when you make an error in the unforgiving environment of social … Continue reading

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Letting the Client Tell Their Story

A new customer called this past week to explain his needs. He’s a friend, so the conversation occasionally drifted into personal items as expected. However, one thing I noticed after checking my clock was that the initial call about work … Continue reading

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Shifting Gears When Working on Multiple Projects

Whether you’re a freelance writer with multiple customers or a staff writer with multiple projects, you might occasionally feel your mental gears grinding as you shift from one project to another. I have a few suggestions for keeping your brain from wearing … Continue reading

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Avoiding Error vs. Pursuing Excellence

Anyone who has watched an athletic competition knows that playing not to lose is not the same as playing to win. The best an individual or team could hope to achieve is a 0-0 tie. Life in the professional or … Continue reading

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Do You Fear, Cope With, or Embrace the Future?

This morning’s entry was inspired by a post from my friend Cynthia titled, rather hubristically, “Here’s What It’s Going to Take for Augmented Reality to Take Over the World.” It got me to thinking a bit about how I look at … Continue reading

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Doctor Visits and Interviewing Subject Matter Experts

I’m not certain if I’m a bigger klutz than most people or just write about my various errors more often. Be that as it may, yes, I have another “Bart moment” (error) to share that can serve as an object … Continue reading

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