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Why Don’t You Talk More About Technical Writing?

Since starting this blog in 2011, I’ve discussed the actual tasks of technical writing as well as a lot of the external (and internal) considerations that affect that writing. Some of you might be wondering if this really IS a … Continue reading

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Calling the IT Department

We’ve all had those days: the network is doing something strange; an application you use every day suddenly decides to reject your password; or you’re trying something new and the system just isn’t accepting it. If you’re a dedicated techie, … Continue reading

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Calling in Sick

I hate to do it: calling in sick means a day of lost productivity, tasks not completed, projects delayed. However, it happens. We’re not immune from serious illnesses or the common cold. As I’m nursing myself through a cold, I … Continue reading

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Writing Requirements: The Home Edition

A lot of technical writers get experience helping engineers or other technical subject matter experts respond to requirements through proposals, design documents, or documenting actual finished products. Requirements, of course, are a list of things that a customer wants a … Continue reading

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Complacency is the Enemy

In business and life, getting too comfortable with a good situation can often doom it. Pick your state of being–steady job, interesting task, happy relationship, clean home, what have you–if you pause too long to relax, something will come up … Continue reading

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