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Proposal Prep

One thing I try to do when I’m facing a new proposal is to have a template prepared and ready to go for the team when they start writing. This is just one of several things the technical writer can … Continue reading

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Being a Responsible Freelancer

People might wonder what the most difficult sort of work is for the professional freelancer: classified work? Large business? Small business? Not going to lie: often the most challenging work for me to do is the stuff that’s on my … Continue reading

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Time Management and the Technical Writer

One of the most crucial skills you can learn as a technical communicator is time management. I keep myself out of “danger” from overlapping commitments by engaging in what I call “first minute-itis.” That means instead of waiting until the … Continue reading

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Life on the Road

Having returned from my week-long business trip, I had a few additional thoughts/tips to share based on my various (mis)adventures on the road. Proof positive that, no matter how experienced, wise, or otherwise insightful a blogger might be, that does … Continue reading

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Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

If you’re a contractor–or sometimes even an employee–you’ll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (usually called an “NDA”). This post will work through some of the reasons for an NDA and how they affect you as a technical communicator.

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Business Traveling as a Contractor

I discussed the topic of business travel as an employee some time ago. However, this week I’ll be traveling as a contractor to another business, which has a couple of different wrinkles, so I thought I’d share my insights.

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Career Development for the Freelancer

As I noted in my personal blog recently, I spent some time at the AIAA Space Forum with another aerospace communicator, speculating on how I might advance my career in the future. Professional development as a freelance technical writer is … Continue reading

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