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Being a Team Player: How Do You Define It?

I am probably the wrong person to be writing this. As a corporate employee I was not always seen as a team player as defined by my managers. That can be a problem, especially at review time.

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Book Proposals: Audience Analysis

I’m continuing the process of translating this blog into a book. Right now I’m developing a formal book proposal because a) a publisher might want one and b) it’ll help me clarify my thinking regarding what I plan to say … Continue reading

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Post-Conference Activities

Apologies if this is a little late. I’ve been doing conference follow-up on my TVIW experience. Conference follow-up? What the heck is that? Allow me to explain.

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Expressing Concerns in a Technical Environment

As I noted here last Monday, I spent last week at the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW), handling the conference’s social media activities. As an interested participant, I had my own interests to pursue as well. And given the awfulness … Continue reading

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Playing the Game

When I was in my early to mid-twenties, I was often sarcastic, dismissive of manager opinions, and expecting to advance by people naturally recognizing how brilliant I was. In short, I was a smart-@$$, entitled, pain in the neck. I … Continue reading

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Overlapping Your Interests

If you have a lot of side projects with overlapping interests or topics, occasionally the various streams in your life will cross. This is a good thing, though sometimes it happens quite by accident. This week, I’ve got four different … Continue reading

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Self-Help Books and Competitive Analysis

I’m reading a lot of business and self-improvement books right now; not just because I appreciate the information, but because I’m writing a book in this genre and book proposal requires an analysis of books that are comparable to mine. … Continue reading

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