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Understanding the Impacts of Policy Announcements in the News

This past week, Vice President Mike Pence called for NASA to return human beings to the Moon by 2024. Back when I worked at NASA, I would’ve been thrilled by such an announcement and would have started speculated immediately about … Continue reading

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The Tech Writer’s Proposal Survival Guide

In response to my friend Erin’s comment that she was having trouble navigating an RFI (Request for Information), I thought I’d pass along the most useful posts related to the task. And because it’s a nice way to help you, … Continue reading

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Is Technical Writing FUN? Part 2

I had fun last week sharing some of my “Best of Tech Writing” field trips as a way to show how technical writing can be fun. However, as I was reading the post again Thursday morning, I realized that I … Continue reading

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Reader Response: Is Technical Writing FUN?

In going back through the “On This Day” feature on my Facebook page, I discovered that I’d forgotten to respond to a suggestion from my mentor Dede (D2) that I talk about things that are fun or eye-popping about technical … Continue reading

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When to Be Quiet, When to Speak Up

I freely confess that my biggest problems on the job have likely been the result of my own big mouth. Not as often as when I was in my twenties, but I still make mistakes occasionally. Other times I’ve screwed … Continue reading

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