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2020: Back to the Business of Living

I was taking my regular walk New Year’s eve around one of the Disney theme parks when I realized that I really didn’t need or want anything on offer. Not that I’ve become a hater of the Mouse or decided … Continue reading

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Okay, that bit about not being in a working frame of mind after vacation? It’s happening to me. I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been sick…and am still dealing with some lingering effects…so I’m going to take a bit of a … Continue reading

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The Art Behind Technical Writing

Just as engineering can be part art and part science, so too can technical writing be a mix of disciplines. The scientific part, of course, would be the facts: ensuring that the content is described accurately and precisely using correct … Continue reading

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Calling in Sick: Just Do It

You’ve had those days: you’re so sick you can barely stand up without the urge to lose your lunch. You might be low on leave time or due for an important meeting. Call in sick anyway. Don’t share your illness … Continue reading

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Catching Up on Email

If there is one thing that can ratchet up your stress levels after returning from vacation, it’s opening your email to see what you missed. Several methods exist to help you sort through the pile. I’ll share them in their … Continue reading

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