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Trained as a Liberal Arts Major, Working as a Techie

In my continuing effort to respond to reader comments and suggestions, today I’ll be taking on the subject of translating skills from the humanities into skills useful in technical communication. I’ve actually touched on this subject here, but let’s see … Continue reading

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How Can I Do a Content Review if I’m Not an Engineer?

Once you get your first job with a scientific or engineering firm, it will not be too unusual for you to be asked to do a content review of a document (say, a proposal), even though you might not be … Continue reading

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Expressing Concerns in a Technical Environment

As I noted here last Monday, I spent last week at the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW), handling the conference’s social media activities. As an interested participant, I had my own interests to pursue as well. And given the awfulness … Continue reading

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Reader Response: How Do You Handle Questions You Can’t Answer?

Ask and ye shall receive. I got some great questions from readers this past week. Today’s question is from Matt, who’s a regular reader (thank you!). The short version of his question was, how do you handle questions you can’t answer? … Continue reading

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What is a “Space Writer,” Anyway?

Today’s entry comes in response to a note from Sharmila, who asked the following about my “How an English Major Got a Job at NASA” story: Hi. Thanks for the post! Something that I needed. I’m pursuing CSE undergraduate course … Continue reading

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Creative Writing in a Business Setting

I’m a big fan of writing the first draft. If something hasn’t been done before, but needs to be done, I look on that as an opportunity to do something new. This could include anything from establishing job descriptions and … Continue reading

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Seven Tips for Effective SBIR Proposal Writing

Given the nature of many of my customers–small aerospace firms–it’s probably not too surprising that I write or edit a lot of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR, pronounced ess-bee-eye-are) proposals. SBIRs are competitive programs wherein the U.S. Government provides seed … Continue reading

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