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Space Acronyms & Terms

Following up on my reading list from last week, I thought I’d share some of the most common acronyms one sees/hears in the engineering world. Some of these are also used in other disciplines besides aerospace. Understanding the acronyms is … Continue reading

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Making Technical Subjects Engaging for General Audiences

I’ve often joked that my primary job has been “translating Engineerish into English,” at least when I worked primarily for engineers. Today’s entry came from a friend who suggested I talk about “Connecting to an audience [that] might not be … Continue reading

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After-Action Report: Falcon Heavy Launch

A bit delayed this morning, but as promised, I spent my Tuesday watching and reporting on the launch of SpaceX’s latest launch vehicle, Falcon Heavy. You can read my actual journalistic effort here. Today’s blog comprises my personal observations/thoughts without … Continue reading

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On Site for Falcon Heavy

Apologies for the late entry, all. I’m on site at Kennedy Space Center for the February 6 launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. My pre-launch article is already live on Spaceflight Insider and I’ll be writing the post-launch article once the … Continue reading

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Working for Space Outside NASA, Part 4: International Space Efforts

This will be my last posting on the “working for space outside NASA” topic…at least for now. Today I’ll be talking about space efforts managed in nations besides the United States of America (fair warning: this entry is ~3,000 words). … Continue reading

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