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Emergency Response

I hadn’t planned on discussing emergencies twice in one week, but that’s the thing about emergencies: they sort of appear unexpectedly. Today I got to respond to one, rather against my will. Things are under control and slowly improving, but … Continue reading

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Do You Have to Believe in What You’re Writing?

While some managers won’t want to hear or read this, it is entirely possible to do a job effectively without necessarily believing in the messages you’re required to write. However, there are side effects to operating this way, which is … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up 2020–At Last!

It’s that time again: the last post of the year, where I take stock of what’s been happening on this blog and in my peculiar technical communication career. If you don’t have time for the long version, the short version … Continue reading

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Crisis or Opportunity?

Change can create tension because no one is certain what will happen next. These crises vary by your environment and how you respond to uncertainty and stress. Today I’ll share my rather simple operating principle, as I’ve been through a … Continue reading

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Fear of Success

Why on Earth would anyone be afraid of success? Success is supposed to be a good thing, right? You have the recognition and respect of people around you–peers, strangers, whoever. Yet some people do wrong things or refuse to do … Continue reading

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