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Follow-Up and Why It Matters

Follow-up: I’ve talked about this before. Having spent 18 years of my life working in retail and hospitality, I’ve got more than a few opinions on customer service performed badly. Unfortunately, I’ve also found a lot of experiences that spurred … Continue reading

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Get Started

Thanks to the mixing of a few thoughts this weekend, it occurred to me that my greatest strength might not be my writing. Or even editing, for that matter. Those skills are useful, and I have them, to be sure, … Continue reading

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The Tech Writer as Event Planner

[This post has been modified from the original version. My apologies for any ugliness in the original posting.] I had this grand idea of starting this post by sharing how I got into the volunteer event management business. However, to keep things brief, … Continue reading

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What You Should Know as a Technical Communicator: Soft Skills

Greetings! While I was still in school, some of my grad school peers  were more concerned about getting the content right than anything else. Being a tech/space geek, I wasn’t worried about that as much. The big challenge for me–introverted, … Continue reading

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