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Get Started

Thanks to the mixing of a few thoughts this weekend, it occurred to me that my greatest strength might not be my writing. Or even editing, for that matter. Those skills are useful, and I have them, to be sure, … Continue reading

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Freelance Reality Check: Feast and Famine Cycles

I don’t know about you, but for me the only thing worse than being too busy is being underworked. Being one of those people who defines himself a great deal by his career, lack of work is painful if it lasts too … Continue reading

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Nice Guys (or Gals) Finish When They Want To

“Nice guys finish last.” You still hear that a lot, especially in “corporate” settings. As someone who’s got a reputation for being “nice” on occasion, I happen to disagree with this notion.

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Job Hunting: 8 Things You Can Do to Help Your Inside Game

There are (or will be) times when things are not going particularly well in your career. You might read this blog and think, “Oh sure, Leahy. It’s easy for you to be confident about this or that topic, you’ve got a job!” … Continue reading

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It’s Not What You Say…

You hear it from your mother the first time you say, “Yes, Mom,” and the sarcasm drips from your lips or your eyes roll. Or maybe you’re unlucky enough to hear it from a friend or teacher. You say something … Continue reading

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