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Fear of Success

Why on Earth would anyone be afraid of success? Success is supposed to be a good thing, right? You have the recognition and respect of people around you–peers, strangers, whoever. Yet some people do wrong things or refuse to do … Continue reading

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Changing Priorities

Occasionally, everyone experiences changes in priorities. For most of my career, I’ve pursued jobs because I was interested in the work. In this I’m perhaps a bit of an idealist or a romantic because I’ve been motivated by “love” rather … Continue reading

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Human Nature and Technical Communication

As some of you might have noticed, I’m a bit of a science fiction fan. Star Trek, of course, rates high among my favorites. However, the more I read about and observe human history, the more I’m painfully aware that … Continue reading

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One-Off Rentals vs. Long-Term Investments

I used some down time between tasks to take a brief vacation this past week. Nothing too ambitious: St. Augustine, Florida, a two- or three-hour drive from where Orlando, depending on the route you take. As I’m moving closer toward … Continue reading

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Key Points of Heroic Technical Writing

A good friend asked a good question that I’m going to answer today because I couldn’t think of a short, snappy answer at the time he asked me: “What’s the most important advice in your book?” Thinking it over, this … Continue reading

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