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Accounting for Current Events in Your Work

I realize there’s a war on. For those facing war’s desolation, may you find safety or, if needed, the strength to fight. This post is not address to you, alas (my advice would be nearly useless to you). I will … Continue reading

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Never Let Them See You Sweat

For good or ill, I’ve always been a very emotional person. We all respond to stress in the workplace differently, and for me, stress has often rattled my perceptions of the world. You could see that in some of my … Continue reading

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Health Tips for the Tech Writer

In one of the Peanuts cartoons, Charles M. Schulz has Charlie Brown say, “My mind and my body hate each other.” It’s a typically Charlie Brown-ish moment, and as a brain-focused non-athlete for most of my life, I related to … Continue reading

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Proposal Survival Tips Revisited

It’s been a bit hectic this past spring and summer, so I haven’t had the opportunity–or, quite frankly, the energy–to write here as often as I’d like. The reason? Proposal writing. That is not a sport for the faint-hearted or … Continue reading

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