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English Major Skills in the Real World

This past week, the site Dear English Major retweeted a post about “The 9 Most Common Misconceptions about English Majors (And Why They’re not always True).” Go ahead and read it, I’ll wait! One point especially caught my attention: The skills you learn … Continue reading

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Improvements in Your Free Time, Revisited

On Monday, I discussed how improvements we make in our free time can improve our morale at work. I talked about external activities, for the most part: vacation, hobbies, hanging out with family or friends. However, there are other activities … Continue reading

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Improvements in Your Free Time Can Improve Your Work Time

I’ve written previously about not bringing your personal dramas into work. However, today I thought I’d turn things around and discuss how it can be beneficial to bring the good things you’re doing into the office. You don’t need to … Continue reading

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Observing Change in Your Industry

It’s been nearly ten years since last attended a conference for the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), which is the professional association for aerospace engineers. While I posted my observations of what happened, I haven’t yet written my … Continue reading

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What IF Tech Writers Were Replaced by Machines?

I’ve been reading (as is my thing) a lot of science fact and fiction books and internet posts about future technologies and transforming societies lately. Some of the more gung-ho technologists look forward to the time when machines–robots, computers, call … Continue reading

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