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Event Management – Establishing and Sticking to a Schedule

Continuing the event management riff, one of the key areas where a technical writer can add value is by applying his or her schedule-making and -keeping skills. You might be the keeper of the schedule or the event manager or … Continue reading

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You’ve Won Your Event Bid! Now What?

Note: I am on leave through the end of the month. If you have a comment or question, you might have to wait a little longer than usual for me to respond. Congratulations! Your hard efforts to write a winning … Continue reading

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Writing Event Proposals

Continuing my series on event management, today I’ll share some thoughts about writing proposals for events. These types of proposals are typical when you have multiple events or event sites competing for limited organizational dollars. As with any proposal, your … Continue reading

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Staffing for Events

Continuing my riff on Event Management, today I’ll be discussing recruiting team members for the event. A reader commented about an external event management company on the last post, so let me clarify that the assumption for these posts is … Continue reading

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Event Management: Brainstorming and Selecting Ideas

Following up on my Event Management post, today I’ll talk about brainstorming and selecting ideas for events. This is one of the more enjoyable parts of conference planning. This is a bit like brainstorming for vacation: with an unlimited budget … Continue reading

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