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Learning About Self-Publishing in Real Time

As I noted last week, there are some definite differences between publishing for Kindle and publishing a traditional paperback book. Some things you might not catch until the paper copy is already in your hand….as I discovered after I’d already … Continue reading

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eBook Formatting

I’ve decided to follow my friend Laura‘s path of publishing my e-book (and, hopefully soon) paperback with Amazon. I discovered that it wasn’t as simple as uploading a Microsoft Word document and thinking that it would be good to go. … Continue reading

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Proposal Team Colors

The larger and more important the proposal and the larger the organization, the more proposal reviews you are likely to have. The most reviews I ever recall participating in for one proposal was three. The proposal review teams consist of … Continue reading

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Attention to Detail in Technical Writing

When I was a young child (<5 years old), my mother made the mistake of telling me to “go jump in the tub” to get a bath. Literal-minded creature that I was, I climbed onto the edge of the tub … Continue reading

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What Are You Forgetting?

Today’s post is a reminder that checklists are a great tool for completing your work. I’ve had more than one occasion where a forgotten task was remembered as soon as I hit “Send” on an email. Don’t let this happen … Continue reading

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