Bonus Post: Arts & Recreation Survey, Take 3

Updated 5 July 2021 due to more formatting issues…looking at you, Microsoft! : (

The Word form and non-form surveys have proven too difficult or non-user friendly to get a lot of responses. My last effort is just to post all the questions here in the blog and let you folks figure out how to copy, paste, respond, and send them to me (bart at I apologize for Microsoft’s tools not playing nicely with others.  Continue reading

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Research Paper Writing

A lot of English majors master the mysteries of the research paper long before they ever get into the working world. This type of writing don’t come up very often in the working world, unless you’re working in the legal or research business, but the skill is still a handy one to have. Today I’ll share my approach to the process, which hasn’t changed much from my analog (i.e., pre-internet) days. Continue reading

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Researching New Topics

Updated 7/2/2021 to fix a typo and add a few words.

I haven’t talked about my class at Kepler Space Institute in a while, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to provide an update on my work there. As is my habit, I found a complicated topic for my “big paper” for the class because, hey, what’s the fun of doing something easy? The challenge of researching a topic that’s not covered regularly in the professional literature is finding sources that still address what I want to say. This post is longer than some others, so if you’re in a hurry, remember that searching by relevant keywords is a good place to start. Continue reading

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Requirements Gathering for Senior Care

In addition to my sister moving to Florida, Mom is now looking to come down here (after all, the grandkids and both of her kids would be here, and there’s no snow here). Without divulging too much, let’s just say that Mom is a senior and has come to realize that she won’t be moving too much more often. She’s starting to think about what sort of senior living community would be best for her. As the offspring already in Florida, I’ve been taking the lead with on-site visits. And yes, I’m again using my technical writing skills to help Mom with this process. Continue reading

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Feast, Famine, and Boiling Frogs

Cycles of “feast or famine” (busy-ness or quietude) in the freelance world is not uncommon. Different industries have their busy seasons, and sometimes clients just don’t have anything for you. After a long stretch of relative quiet, it’s gotten quite busy in my life. With the pandemic keeping things slow, being busy again can feel like a welcome burst of activity and excitement. However, you can also end up like the boiling frog…oh, you don’t know that analogy? Allow me to share. Continue reading

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