What is a Day in the Life of a Technical Writer Really Like?

This might or might not make it into the book, but it might set the table for an early chapter. The reality is, depending on what you do and where and for whom, your daily routine can be anything from actually routine to something different every day. My experience has been closer to the latter. Part of that is just the nature of technical communication, so I’ll share a couple different scenarios for your consideration. Continue reading

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Organizing the Book, Round 2

My first cut at organizing the content did not go as well as I’d hoped. As I feared, some sections had too much content, others practically none. So I’m trying a different approach and am getting a better distribution of content. Progress! Continue reading

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Content Survey

I want to make this blog (and the in-progress book based on it) useful to you, my readers. To that end, I’m asking you to complete a survey regarding the content of the site. Your help would be appreciated! Continue reading

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Reader Questions

I accidentally encountered a target audience member for this blog over the weekend (hopefully she’s reading now!). She had a quick question about handling an in-house style guide. Also, a friend had a question about capitalizing geographic directions. I’ll take both of these on today since they’re pretty quick-hit items. Continue reading

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Book Introductions

One of the more useful things I learned from The Book in a Box Method was how to write an interesting introduction. I confess that I had not been doing things in a particularly engaging way. What was I doing wrong? Read on! Continue reading

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Book Update

It’s been a while since I’ve discussed the book, so I thought I’d provide a brief update. (This will also keep my buddy Kate the Coach from issuing me a caring but firm lecture. 🙂 I am thinking, really!) Continue reading

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How Can I Do a Content Review if I’m Not an Engineer?

Once you get your first job with a scientific or engineering firm, it will not be too unusual for you to be asked to do a content review of a document (say, a proposal), even though you might not be 100% caught up on the material. Before you gasp in horror, English/liberal arts major, take heart! There are ways to add value even when you’re still learning the ropes, buttons, plumbing, or flow diagrams. Continue reading

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