Writing Event Proposals

Continuing my series on event management, today I’ll share some thoughts about writing proposals for events. These types of proposals are typical when you have multiple events or event sites competing for limited organizational dollars. As with any proposal, your goal is to demonstrate that your content will provide the results and value that your end customers expect. Continue reading

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Crisis Communications

Today I’ll be talking a bit about crisis communications–how to help an organization communicate with the public about what it is doing should some major event–environmental (weather), human-created (violence), governmental (policy), or other major event negatively affect their operations. Some of this also can apply to your own personal business. Continue reading

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Raising Rates in a Time of Economic Turmoil

With inflation reaching levels not seen in 40 years, asking for a raise or rate increase (if you’re a freelancer) can be tricky. However, I did raise my hourly rate this past month, in part to help me cope better with the increased price of…well, everything. This post will explain how the process worked for me. Continue reading

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Staffing for Events

Continuing my riff on Event Management, today I’ll be discussing recruiting team members for the event. A reader commented about an external event management company on the last post, so let me clarify that the assumption for these posts is that you don’t have access to a professional management company. You might be a volunteer event leader, you might be paid, but in all the essentials, you will be learning on the job and you will be on your own (aside, perhaps, for advice from others and this blog). Let’s go find some people! Continue reading

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Retirement–Is That Really a Thing Anymore?

I have a reminder set on my phone for the day I’m scheduled to retire…at least if I believe my finance guy. Today I’ll talk a bit about that, as that milestone lurks out there like an achievable but still quite distant carrot. Continue reading

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