Home Hunting and Proposal Recaps

I put in a bid for a condominium last week only to have it rejected. It was disappointing because the place matched a lot of my must-haves for a home. Be that as it may, I can always get a useful blog out of the loss. Welcome to my brain. Continue reading

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Adventures in Meeting Minutes

Taking meeting minutes is one of the smaller tasks I handle, but it can provide an important record of business dealings within an organization or between one organization and another. However, it’s not always as easy as I like to think. Today I’ll discuss some of the challenges that can arise. Continue reading

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Memorial Day Short Post

Today is Memorial Day, a holiday for us in the U.S. It’s a day on which we remember and honor those in the armed forces who gave their lives in the service of our country.

If the military isn’t your thing, consider honoring others who have given their lives in pursuit of a worthy cause. Not everyone has that level of dedication. Maybe they weren’t that dedicated or didn’t think the cause was worth dying for, but that was the manner of their death anyhow. Their sacrifice allowed others to carry on, and so we respect the circumstances.

If you end your life (or it is ended in another manner) while you’re pursuing a noble cause that benefits others, that’s a decent way to go.

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Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

I dropped out of my reporting job at Spaceflight Insider (SFI) three years ago–not because of any wrongdoing, but because my various freelance contracts in the aerospace business were starting to interfere with my ability to write stories for SFI. I was facing what government contracting folks call an OCI (Organizational Conflict of Interest). Continue reading

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What to Say When You Have Nothing to Say

I’m late posting today because honestly I couldn’t think of anything to say. Has that ever happened to you? Obviously it’s a little different when you’re writing a blog column vs. attending a team meeting face to face or online. Silence can be risky in the workplace. What follows are some ideas to consider before you decide to say nothing. Continue reading

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