Letting Go of Clients

This is not one of those things I like to talk about, but the reality is that if you’re a freelance technical writer/editor, you will not maintain the same clients for the length of your career. Some you will leave, some will leave you, and sometimes you will both call it quits by mutual agreement. This post will address how to handle those situations. Continue reading

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Which Task Do I Do First?

I’ve probably covered this before, but since the U.S. is now on the Monday of the first full week of the new year, some of you might need a little help sorting out your inboxes. You’ve got a large pile of tasks to go through: which one(s) do you tackle first? I will share my version (along with some caveats) for your benefit. I’m helpful that way. Continue reading

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2020: Back to the Business of Living

I was taking my regular walk New Year’s eve around one of the Disney theme parks when I realized that I really didn’t need or want anything on offer. Not that I’ve become a hater of the Mouse or decided to become some sort of ascetic (check out my belt size–I don’t fit the profile). It just came to me that I’m at the point where money or the things it acquires doesn’t drive me to do what I want to do with my life. What do I want as I head into 2020? Read on.

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Okay, that bit about not being in a working frame of mind after vacation? It’s happening to me. I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been sick…and am still dealing with some lingering effects…so I’m going to take a bit of a break over the holidays. Stay tuned, I’ll be back at it after the New Year.

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The Art Behind Technical Writing

Just as engineering can be part art and part science, so too can technical writing be a mix of disciplines. The scientific part, of course, would be the facts: ensuring that the content is described accurately and precisely using correct grammar, mechanics, and punctuation. But is there anĀ art to technical writing? I would argue yes, even if I’m not writing the Great American Novel. Continue reading

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