It’s That Time Again…

Thanksgiving is typically not a favorite holiday of mine, probably because I often got sick when I lived in the Midwest during this time of year. Regardless of that, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen the value of acknowledging and expressing thanks for the good things, people, or circumstances in my life (see here or here for examples). As I approach the end of my fourth year as a freelance technical writer, I have much to be thankful for, from gainful employment to good friends. Find your blessings, take the time to acknowledge them, at least one day a year.

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Your Document is Sick! Whom Do You Call?

A couple weeks ago, I started getting a ringing in my ears, as if my eardrums had been hammered by a rock concert. The problem–tinnituslasted an entire day. I looked around the internet to see what I could do on my own because I was too busy for a doctor’s appointment. I finally saw my general practitioner, who did something but wasn’t able to clear it up, leading me to call a specialist. Believe it or not, a similar process can occur at businesses needing technical writing or editing assistance. Continue reading

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Improvements in Your Free Time, Revisited

On Monday, I discussed how improvements we make in our free time can improve our morale at work. I talked about external activities, for the most part: vacation, hobbies, hanging out with family or friends. However, there are other activities you can do in your free time that can also benefit you on the job, especially, if you’re doing things to improve your state of mind. Continue reading

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Improvements in Your Free Time Can Improve Your Work Time

I’ve written previously about not bringing your personal dramas into work. However, today I thought I’d turn things around and discuss how it can be beneficial to bring the good things you’re doing into the office. You don’t need to share everything, mind you, but enough that your coworkers, clients, and supervisors know that you’re doing well. Continue reading

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Observing Change in Your Industry

It’s been nearly ten years since last attended a conference for the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), which is the professional association for aerospace engineers. While I posted my observations of what happened, I haven’t yet written my reactions to the changes since 2009. What I saw pleased me on a professional level, so I thought I’d share my observations here. Continue reading

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