Postcards as Marketing Tools

A week or two ago, my writer and ace editor friend Betty Bolte sent me a postcard marketing her new book series. It was a new approach to me, and today I’d like to share it with you because I found it effective. Continue reading

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Addictive Behavior and Your Work Life

Another Keeping Things Real post today. While I don’t make it a regular habit of talking about it on this blog, I admitted that I quit drinking a while back, a practice I still follow–643 days and counting. However, I did not expect to pick up another addiction after all this time: those stupid phone-based video games. Continue reading

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Grand Ideas Are Solitary, Execution is Collective

I realize my title will tweak some people’s philosophical sensibilities. Too bad. If you don’t like where this post goes, you can write your own. What I’ll try to convey today is my experience with ambitious ideas in the workplace and how they are executed. Continue reading

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Leadership Lessons from Evony

My online game playing continues. I do manage to learn useful things while frittering away hours of my free time. No, really! Today I’ll talk about where it’s taken me…figuratively speaking, of course (I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the couch while playing this game). Continue reading

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Planning for the Long Term

Recently I’ve been interacting more with my older relatives: parents, aunts, uncles, etc.–and it occurs to me that I have yet another set of challenges awaiting me two to three decades from now. Today I’ll talk a little bit about what that might mean for my readers, young and old. Continue reading

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