Have You Hugged Your Tech Writer Today?

Hug a Tech Writer

Actually, no…don’t do this.

A lot of the technical writers I know are introverts, meaning they are rather more inward focused and happy to spend time on their own as a way to recharge from the more energetic talkers out there. That doesn’t mean we dislike people, just that we like them in smaller doses. Another thing that can be confusing about us is that while we appreciate recognition for our work, some methods of recognition are more effective than others. Hugs–depending on your work environment–can get you in trouble with Human Resources anyhow, so what else can you do to show appreciation for the quiet tech writer in your midst? Continue reading

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How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Traffic

This will be a tutorial about what I know about operating social media accounts. You will note that I am not quite cool or savvy enough to use ALL of the options available and that I will contradict advice I’ve given elsewhere in this blog. Bottom line: your social media accounts are yours, which means you can handle them as you see fit. However, just be mindful of the potential consequences if you get a little too saucy in your opinion sharing. Continue reading

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Imagining Your Future

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”
Yogi Berra

“Control is an illusion.”
Regina Pickett Garson

The ever-pithy Mr. Berra had a good point. I’ve been trying to imagine, describe, or plan for my future jobs or lives for over forty years now, either through fiction or, increasingly, Microsoft Excel. You might be a wild-eyed dreamer, you might be a cautious optimist; either way, it’s a useful exercise to try to imagine your future–ideally a better one–and then do some concrete planning to make that future happen. Continue reading

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Tech Writing Questions from a High School Robotics Team, Part 2

A year ago or so, my fiction-writing buddy Ciara Knight‘s high-school-aged son sent me some questions about my career as a professional technical communicator for his FIRST Robotics  competition. This year, the Eagle Robotics team is still at it, and they had another round of concrete, intelligent questions about my job, so I thought I’d share once again. Continue reading

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Millennials and Technology Use

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you might be aware that other people’s technology habits occasionally can make me…cranky (see here and here for examples). I’ve gotten especially out of sorts regarding millennials’ social media use and their occasional non-use of electronic communications. Fair enough: I’m an affable curmudgeon. However, I’m usually willing to admit when I’m wrong. This is one of those times. Read on. Continue reading

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