Video Games and Life Lessons

The last time I played video games on a regular basis, I had an Atari 2600; Defender and Pac-Man were still played on new machines in game rooms. Obviously that was a while ago. I tried playing some of the newer games as I got older, but I quickly discovered that the “first-person shooter” games were not my style, and a lot of other games got me motion sick. I did not expect to pick up the habit again, but I have in the last couple weeks. It’s been enlightening. Continue reading

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Labor Day Break

Yep, it’s that time again, where I realize it’s Monday and I haven’t written a post yet. However, fortunately it’s a holiday, so it’s also a good excuse to take the day off from my writing labors and concentrate on the labor involved in maintaining my home. Fear not, Dear Readers: I have more excitement coming soon: more customer service adventures, a meditation on video games, and a response from a reader interested in writing for NASA. Stay tuned. Adventure awaits!

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New Location Teething Problems

This past Saturday, I experienced another long phone call dealing with a customer service department. This seems to be a normal side effect of making a major change to one’s location or operations: expect teething problems as you get used to your new circumstances. And yes, there will be some customer service lessons included in this post as well. Continue reading

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Customer Service Issues, Continued

Honestly, I hadn’t expected (or wanted) to discuss customer service multiple times this month (here and here), yet here I am again, offering a couple more anecdotes from my personal life to reflect on how customer service affects one’s business. Continue reading

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What’s the Catch?

“You don’t get something for nothing” and “An offer too good to be true” are terms you hear occasionally in the business world. They reflect a bit of cynical wisdom that is worth noting if you are a freelance technical writer or editor. Today I’ll discuss some of those offers and how you should think about them before accepting them. Continue reading

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