Stupid Word Tricks

I’m going to take a brief break from book promotion to talk about something a little more practical. Hearkening back to David Letterman, today I’ll share some “Stupid Human Tricks” you can do with Microsoft Word that aren’t really stupid, but might make a document look better. Continue reading

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Learning About Self-Publishing in Real Time

As I noted last week, there are some definite differences between publishing for Kindle and publishing a traditional paperback book. Some things you might not catch until the paper copy is already in your hand….as I discovered after I’d already ordered a box of author’s copies. Ouch. So today is all about sharing lessons learned in the era of real-time electronic self-publishing. I share these experiences so (hopefully) you won’t have to. Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency

I had a scare recently with my parents (potentially) having the COVID virus. Bonus Mom was in the hospital and Dad I had to keep an eye on. While it turned out to be a false alarm, it got me to thinking that I had no clue what I needed to do in the event I lost both of them at once. I decided to create an “In Case of Emergency” document for myself, which I plan to hand over to the parents and sister once it’s finished, to encourage them to do the same. While this might not be the happiest topic, it is a useful exercise because it allows you apply your technical writing skills to personal matters–and maybe give your family a better appreciation for what you do in your day job. Continue reading

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Paperback Publishing and Next Steps

I discovered that formatting a book for Amazon’s Kindle was easier than setting up the book for paperback publication. The good news is, the manuscript and cover are “in the system” and should soon be available for purchase. Today’s post covers some of the challenges a first-time author might encounter getting their manuscript in shape for publication by Amazon’s printing service. The challenges are likely to be same with any self-publishing service, so be prepared to invest a lot of time and patience in the process. Continue reading

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The Best Decision I Ever Made…For Me

Someone on Twitter posted the intriguing question, “What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?” For me, that decision was to pursue a master’s degree in technical writing at the University of Central Florida. Note that caveat: for me. Going for an advanced degree was ┬áthe best call at that point in my life, but it is not necessary for everyone. Continue reading

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