Customer Service Follow-Up

After I posted my rant about customer service last week, I decided to Twitter-shame the two companies involved. I didn’t hit Spectrum too hard, but Office Depot? Yeah, they got zinged, and much to my surprise, they responded. Today I’ll be talking about customer service follow-up. Continue reading

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Is There a Customer Service Crisis, or Is It Just Me?

My time at Disney gave me a pretty thorough indoctrination into customer service. Not everyone gets that sort of training, I realize, and not everyone gets into jobs that require interaction with the public. Nevertheless, I’ve had a couple of customer service experiences lately that make me wonder if this has become a lost art. It shouldn’t be: your customers make your business possible. Continue reading

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Writing and Distributing Surveys

As some of my regular readers might know, I tried to distribute a survey as part of my “Arts and Recreation on Mars” paper for Kepler Space Institute. The goal was to assess how people consumed/engaged with art or recreation while confined to their homes. In addition to numerous technical issues, I had a devil of a time getting people to respond to the thing. Today I’ll recount my struggles and ask a few questions of my readers. Continue reading

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Repurposing and Reformatting Content

The professor for my Kepler Space Institute class provided a rather detailed and specific outline for my final class paper. I was in the process of developing and writing that paper when a friend suggested I submit it to the Interstellar Research Group (IRG) conference in September. This required some reformatting/retooling of the content. Today I’ll be talking about how to repurpose content for other audiences and applications. Continue reading

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Log Jams and the Five Whys in the Workplace

One of the concepts used in a class I edit is called “The Five Whys.” This is where you’ve got a problem in the workplace and ask why it’s happening. However, as the concept title indicates, there’s more to it than just asking, “Why?” Continue reading

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