Grand Ideas Are Solitary, Execution is Collective

I realize my title will tweak some people’s philosophical sensibilities. Too bad. If you don’t like where this post goes, you can write your own. What I’ll try to convey today is my experience with ambitious ideas in the workplace and how they are executed. Continue reading

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Leadership Lessons from Evony

My online game playing continues. I do manage to learn useful things while frittering away hours of my free time. No, really! Today I’ll talk about where it’s taken me…figuratively speaking, of course (I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the couch while playing this game). Continue reading

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Planning for the Long Term

Recently I’ve been interacting more with my older relatives: parents, aunts, uncles, etc.–and it occurs to me that I have yet another set of challenges awaiting me two to three decades from now. Today I’ll talk a little bit about what that might mean for my readers, young and old. Continue reading

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Interview: Michael Doornbos, Maker and Documentation User

I meet a lot of interesting people in the space business. One of them, Michael Doornbos, is a veteran, engineer, and pilot who now works on software and websites of various sorts who builds things in his spare time like old Commodore 64 computers and airplanes. He’s been building a kit aircraft for several years, and the documentation that such a project would require inspired me to reach out to him. Continue reading

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Guest Speaking: Senior Practicum

I again had the pleasure of speaking to a group of Marika Siegel‘s senior-level technical writing students at Michigan Tech University. They sent me a list of excellent questions in advance related to tech writing in general, job hunting, and my curious career in particular, and I did my rambling best to answer. I’m really glad I took the time to write down my answers before I spoke to the class. That provided a little structure to my Q&A session. I wish the students well. They had some interesting backgrounds and plans.

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