Reader Response: Tech Writing in the Hospitality Industry

Today’s post was born out of a response to a reader who wishes to remain anonymous (FYI, I did receive her permission to share this as long as I didn’t include her name). Nice to know you folks think I know what I’m doing. 🙂 Continue reading

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Sharpening Your Writing Saw

I found myself having a bit of fun this past weekend, as I got to watch history being made in my favorite industry–space exploration. Emotionally enjoying the success of SpaceX in expanding the capabilities of privately developed space vehicles, what enhanced the experience was taking the time to write about it. In my case, I was doing a “livecast,” posting comments on my personal Facebook page in my own, somewhat-less-techie, play-by-play recital of the action. My suggestion to you today is that you find a way to do the same. Continue reading

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Why Mentor? Revisited

Monday’s post talked a bit about how to mentor and how some of the reasons people don’t want to mentor can be overcome. However, I’m not certain I answered the fundamental question posed in the title (I see a future post on Writing Effective Blog Post Titles). I will rectify that today. The short answer is that mentoring is good for you, not just the person you’re mentoring, both as a character-building and network-building activity. Continue reading

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Why Mentor?

One of the better and easier ways you can leave a legacy is to be a mentor to someone…or multiple someones. It costs very little, builds goodwill, and ensures that the people who seek your advice will know what you know. There is some responsibility in the role, but it need not be a source of worry. Continue reading

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Attention to Detail in Technical Writing

When I was a young child (<5 years old), my mother made the mistake of telling me to “go jump in the tub” to get a bath. Literal-minded creature that I was, I climbed onto the edge of the tub and jumped into the water, creating massive puddles everywhere and darn near cracking open my skull. Little did I know that this literal-mindedness and careful (if creative) parsing of words would turn out to be a useful skill when I got older. Continue reading

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