Is It Better to Be Part of a Cause or an Industry?

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked as an advocate for human spaceflight, a professional for organizations building the hardware, and a little bit of both now and then. Both roles have their parts to play, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages for the practicing or aspiring technical writer. Continue reading

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For Whom Do You Work?

“Who do you work for?” is a common question in the Midwest where I grew up, but aside from the bad grammar (ending a question with a preposition–horrors!), I think it overlooks a more interesting and important question: for whom do you work? Yes, you might have an employer or client, but all that says is who provides you with a paycheck. Phrased that way, you’re really asking who (or what) motivates you to do what you do. The answer(s) you give say a lot about where you work and why. Continue reading

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Keywords and Job Searches

I’m always curious about how recruiters find my name because some of the jobs are obviously so far off from my skill set, I wonder if they’re reading my LinkedIn profile correctly. At the moment I am not looking for work; however, if I were, I would make an effort to do so, I would make certain that recruiters are reaching out to me for the right reasons. Below are some thoughts that might be useful to you. Continue reading

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Managing Your Money

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I’ll admit it: I’ve succumbed to the craziness and bought a few (four, to be exact) tickets for the MegaMillions lottery jackpot, which as of this writing sits at a ridiculous 1.6 billion U.S. Dollars. To get my $8 worth of entertainment out of the purchase, I took the time to develop a detailed spreadsheet delineating how I would apply said jackpot. However, realizing that instant wealth can create its own problems, I decided to do a little practical research on how seriously wealthy people actually handle their money. The advice was useful enough that I thought I’d pass it along, even if I don’t win said jackpot (odds of winning are one in over 302 million). Continue reading

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Proposal Prep

One thing I try to do when I’m facing a new proposal is to have a template prepared and ready to go for the team when they start writing. This is just one of several things the technical writer can do to get the effort started well. Read on! Continue reading

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