On Sabbatical…of Sorts

Greetings, all! Starting tomorrow, I will be taking a long vacation overseas. Looking on this as a late birthday present to myself. The posts from now until December 2 will be prewritten rather than based on real-time events. Looking forward to sharing new thoughts when I return.

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Travel Logistics for Fun and Profit

I’ve been preparing for a long vacation that will start Friday. Because I enjoy a challenge, the trip will include two countries (Australia and New Zealand) and just about every type of climate this planet offers, from deserts to rain forests to glaciers. How on Earth do you pack for that? And how on Earth does your Heroic Technical Writer plan to relate travel logistics to the job of tech writing? Read on, fearless readers. There is a point to this. Continue reading

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Big Proposal Production vs. Small Proposals

This past week or two, I’ve been supporting two different proposal efforts: one is large, with multiple partners and lots of pages; the other is for a small business pursuing a single task order under an already-existing Broad Area Announcement (BAA). The activities and responsibilities differ a great deal just by the sheer scale of the projects. Today I’ll take some time to talk about those differences–they can affect how the individual technical writer contributes and works. Continue reading

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Levels of Editing and When You Need Them

Technical writers and editors have their own nuances to their work, which are not always understood or appreciated by others. One type of nuance is the “level of edit” you’re applying to a document. Generally there are three levels of editing, and it helps to clarify with your customer what they want before you start. Continue reading

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Balancing Client Needs on Travel

Just because you’re on travel to support one client doesn’t mean you can put other clients on hold. I had this challenge recently, but the good news is that it’s resolvable with a little diplomacy and time management. Continue reading

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