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What IS Technical Communication, Anyway?

In response to a comment from my friend David on my Monday post, I thought I’d take a little time to explain what I mean by technical writing (or, more broadly, technical communication). It might seem like a straightforward proposition, … Continue reading

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Volunteering for Your Own Good

I have mixed feelings about volunteering, but on the whole it’s been to the good, so I’ll take this opportunity to suggest that you make the time to do some. Mind you, volunteering can take many forms, and you can get … Continue reading

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Grant Research

A couple of the jobs I’ve taken to pay the bills have been grant-writing gigs. Through the good graces of the Space Frontier Foundation, I was able to take a grant-writing class through The Grantsmanship Center, so I’ve been putting … Continue reading

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Business Writing for a Political Audience

Honestly, I’m not here to share my political views. If you read between the lines on some of my posts, you can probably figure it out, but I’m really not interested in starting an argument. The point of this post … Continue reading

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Three Reasons the Future Needs Technical Communicators

Technical communicators–not just technical writers and editors, but also technical illustrators–are in a sweet spot in the “new economy” of the 21st century. There is serious (or at least comfortable bill-paying) money to be made as a tech writer because … Continue reading

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