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Product Preview: The Hero’s Journal

It might or might not surprise you, but I’m a big fan of self-improvement books. These types of books cover anything from personal finance to relationships, attitude, or recovery from [bad situation X]. It seemed a natural fit, then, when … Continue reading

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Insights from “Writing Without Bulls#!+”

I’m recommending a book that could have offended me if I let it. A few weeks ago, I received a tweet from a consultant suggesting that he could help with my recently rejected book proposal. While I appreciated the offer, … Continue reading

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How to Write Effective Book Reviews

One way to get your foot in the door with a community/magazine you’re interested in writing for is to write book reviews. The important things to remember are that you meet your audience’s and editor’s expectations when describing the virtues … Continue reading

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Book Review: From Graduation to Career Ready in 21 Days: A Guide for English Majors

A while back, I started toying with a book on how an English major can get a job at NASA. Well, a website/group called Dear English Major has released a book that covers some of the same ground, focusing specifically … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Rightful Place of Science: Citizen Science

I know you folks are busy, so I’ll give you the short version of this review up front. If you’re sufficiently interested, you can read more in-depth after that. I’m reviewing The Rightful Place of Science: Citizen Science for a few reasons: first, I’ve … Continue reading

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