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Writing About Politics on the Job

I know, I know: I keep counseling against talking about politics on the job (here and here, for example), but what if your job is political writing? How do you approach the task? What follows are my pragmatic thoughts on the task … Continue reading

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What’s the Most Important Part of Communication?

Advance Apology: I’m going to talk about politics in this post, despite my usual warning that talking about politics at work is generally a bad idea. If, like me, you’d prefer not to think about the U.S. Presidential Election, click elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Business Writing for a Political Audience

Honestly, I’m not here to share my political views. If you read between the lines on some of my posts, you can probably figure it out, but I’m really not interested in starting an argument. The point of this post … Continue reading

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The Technical Writer as Advocate

While I was pursuing my M.A., I developed a Venn diagram that crystallized my view of technical advocacy: My logic here was that to advocate for a science- or technology-based cause–especially one as dependent on government funding as space exploration–a technical communicator needed … Continue reading

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