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Trained as a Liberal Arts Major, Working as a Techie

In my continuing effort to respond to reader comments and suggestions, today I’ll be taking on the subject of translating skills from the humanities into skills useful in technical communication. I’ve actually touched on this subject here, but let’s see … Continue reading

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Studying What You Fear

When I was a kid I was, to put it mildly, a bit on the sensitive or high-strung side. Easily startled or frightened, there was nothing quite like thunderstorms to get my blood pumping. Not wanting to be tense every … Continue reading

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What is a “Space Writer,” Anyway?

Today’s entry comes in response to a note from Sharmila, who asked the following about my “How an English Major Got a Job at NASA” story: Hi. Thanks for the post! Something that I needed. I’m pursuing CSE undergraduate course … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for Liberal Arts Education!

I’ve been selling out my species for at least six years now. I am referring, of course, to English and liberal arts majors. I have been working for various organizations that promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. Do I … Continue reading

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Writing About the Space Business with Authority

Lately I’ve been doing a project for Spaceflight Insider that has required me to do a lot of research on launch vehicles (the engineers’ term for the rockets that get things off the ground). The challenge, sometimes, is getting the … Continue reading

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