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Repurposing and Reformatting Content

The professor for my Kepler Space Institute class provided a rather detailed and specific outline for my final class paper. I was in the process of developing and writing that paper when a friend suggested I submit it to the … Continue reading

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Log Jams and the Five Whys in the Workplace

One of the concepts used in a class I edit is called “The Five Whys.” This is where you’ve got a problem in the workplace and ask why it’s happening. However, as the concept title indicates, there’s more to it … Continue reading

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Getting Back Up to Speed

While a bit later than I’d like, Heroic Technical Writing is back in action after a 30-mile relocation. Last week I talked about my process for shutting down my business in preparation for moving. Today (tonight) I’ll be writing about … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Eye on the Small Stuff During Big Projects

I’ve had my move on the brain lately because it’s consuming a lot of my time and making my apartment a mess. Still, other parts of my life go on. That’s what today’s abbreviated post discusses: not forgetting the rest … Continue reading

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Office Relocation

It’s hard to believe, but a week from now, I will be moved into the new Casa de Bart. This isn’t just a personal matter because I work from home. Today I’ll share a few thoughts about relocating your work-from-home … Continue reading

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