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Making Your Own Luck

Long-time readers of this blog might note that I don’t talk a lot about business development or marketing as a freelancer. There are a couple of solid reasons for that: 1) I’m not particularly good at it, but also 2) … Continue reading

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Battling Workaholism and a Bad Job Market

This week a friend sent me an article from The Atlantic about the career travails facing the Millennial Generation. The essential points of the article were: 1) Americans have made a religion out of work in the sense that many of … Continue reading

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Keywords and Job Searches

I’m always curious about how recruiters find my name because some of the jobs are obviously so far off from my skill set, I wonder if they’re reading my LinkedIn profile correctly. At the moment I am not looking for … Continue reading

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Career Development for the Freelancer

As I noted in my personal blog recently, I spent some time at the AIAA Space Forum with another aerospace communicator, speculating on how I might advance my career in the future. Professional development as a freelance technical writer is … Continue reading

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Can I Be a Technical Writer Without a Technical Writing Degree?

Can you be a technical writer without an actual technical writing degree? The short answer is yes! I’ve suggested ways for a reader with a teaching career pursue a job in technical communication, but teaching is not the only alternate … Continue reading

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