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Vacationing Styles, Working Styles, and What Works for You

I’ve been talking with a couple people recently about vacationing. I recently got back from a Disney cruise, and the experience left me feeling like I’d missed something. I had a similar experience when I got back from Australia and … Continue reading

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Putting on Your Lawyer Hat

One rare occasions, I’ve provided an initial “lawyer’s eye” review of small business documents. This has occurred simply because I have a general idea of the sorts of things lawyers will nitpick. That said, whenever I’ve reviewed business agreements, employment … Continue reading

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Identifying Opportunities as a Small Business Owner

The lunch session of the Space Foundation’s small business (SB) workshop comprised quick talks by a couple of folks who know the space business in Florida. Mind you, this will not apply to all of you, but I will endeavor … Continue reading

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Large, Medium, or Small: What’s Your Best Working Environment?

One of the first things that will draw you to a particular job is the content that you will be writing. However, another important consideration when looking at a new job is the size of the company doing the hiring. … Continue reading

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