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Business Traveling as a Contractor

I discussed the topic of business travel as an employee some time ago. However, this week I’ll be traveling as a contractor to another business, which has a couple of different wrinkles, so I thought I’d share my insights.

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Post-Conference Activities

Apologies if this is a little late. I’ve been doing conference follow-up on my TVIW experience. Conference follow-up? What the heck is that? Allow me to explain.

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How Do You Justify Attending a Work Conference?

When I was part of the government/contractor industrial complex, I spent a surprising amount of time writing up justifications for individuals seeking approval to attend a business conference related to work. Why is this so difficult? Not sure, but perhaps … Continue reading

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Protocol Reconsidered

“I have no need for a protocol droid.” –Owen Lars, Star Wars Why on Earth (or off it), you might wonder, would anyone need a protocol droid? It’s never really explained in the Star Wars universe, but a lot of what … Continue reading

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The Mechanics of the Home Office

In this follow-up to my piece on the tools for working in a home office, I’ll talk a bit about businesses processes, which I’ve had to work out as I go, sometimes on my own, sometimes with input from others. … Continue reading

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