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How Do You Justify Attending a Work Conference?

When I was part of the government/contractor industrial complex, I spent a surprising amount of time writing up justifications for individuals seeking approval to attend a business conference related to work. Why is this so difficult? Not sure, but perhaps … Continue reading

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Protocol Reconsidered

“I have no need for a protocol droid.” –Owen Lars, Star Wars Why on Earth (or off it), you might wonder, would anyone need a protocol droid? It’s never really explained in the Star Wars universe, but a lot of what … Continue reading

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The Mechanics of the Home Office

In this follow-up to my piece on the tools for working in a home office, I’ll talk a bit about businesses processes, which I’ve had to work out as I go, sometimes on my own, sometimes with input from others. … Continue reading

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Business Travel Tips for the Technical Writer

I’m coming at this topic from two (or possibly three) angles. Understand that my parents and many of my family members were airline people (Eastern, to be exact), so I got a lot of advice on, and experience in, how … Continue reading

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