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Attending a Conference

As I noted last Thursday, I will be attending a conference today. I’ll share some of my impressions later this week. Happy Monday!

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Making Conferences Work for You

This post has been updated. The name of the conference/session I’ll be attending is AIAA Space Forum. Next week I will be attending the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Space Forum here in Orlando. At least, that’s the plan. … Continue reading

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What is a Day in the Life of a Technical Writer Really Like?

This might or might not make it into the book, but it might set the table for an early chapter. The reality is, depending on what you do and where and for whom, your daily routine can be anything from actually routine … Continue reading

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Being a Team Player: How Do You Define It?

I am probably the wrong person to be writing this. As a corporate employee I was not always seen as a team player as defined by my managers. That can be a problem, especially at review time.

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What Are People Reading on This Blog?

I’m taking an extended vacation this week, so today’s entry and Monday’s will be retrospective pieces to save me from bringing my laptop with me. Today I’ll be looking at the top five entries from 2017 (so far!). Enjoy.

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