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Setting and Enforcing Personal Boundaries

Do customers get in your personal space? Do they trample on your free time or push you too hard to get extra work done or cut ethical corners? If so, you might have what my mentor D2 calls boundary issues: … Continue reading

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Expressing Concerns in a Technical Environment

As I noted here last Monday, I spent last week at the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW), handling the conference’s social media activities. As an interested participant, I had my own interests to pursue as well. And given the awfulness … Continue reading

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Reader Response: What Kind of Reports Do You Write at NASA?

This week’s reader letter comes from Brittany, a student who had questions about the types of reports I’ve written for NASA, who I wrote them for, and what sorts of legal or ethical issues could be tied to those reports. … Continue reading

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Reader Response: Is There Work You Would Not Do?

I’m always open to new topics for Heroic Technical Writing, and I’d like to thank my friend Sarah Across the Pond for today’s question, the short version of which is, is there work you would not do? The short answer is: not … Continue reading

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Information Isn’t Always Meant to Be Free

Six years ago, WikiLeaks obtained and released a large raft of documents and emails obtained from the U.S. Department of State. Federal employees and contractors were forbidden from visiting the site. There are a couple of very good reasons why … Continue reading

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