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More Thoughts on Graphics

Last Thursday’s entry on the use of charts and graphics led me to realize there were a few more “basic” items I needed to include. Rather than rewrite or add to the Thursday entry, I decided to just add this … Continue reading

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Which Graphic Should You Use?

Data visualization is something they really should teach in high school–or maybe earlier–because we receive a lot of numerical information visually these days. This essay is a brief introduction to the topic.

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Do You Need to Be a Heroic Technical Writer?

My recent discussion with an Iowa State University tech writing class was for the purpose of talking about ethics. The discussion also covered a range of other issues, from answering complaint letters to Wikileaks and Edward Snowden. Ethics inevitably veers into politics because … Continue reading

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Basic Ethics for the Technical Communicator

Like most people, when I get cranky I can be tempted to make less-than-wise decisions. This is not a good idea. Ethics are central to a writer’s trade because if we are not ethical in how we handle ourselves and the … Continue reading

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