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List Making

Honestly, I don’t know how people get things done without a list. It’s not just a tool for remembering what to buy at the grocery store–lists help me keep my priorities straight on any given day.

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Website Usability

I have already written a great deal about print document usability here, and for the most part the guidelines I suggested there also apply to reading on the web. People still read top to bottom, left to right (at least … Continue reading

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And When I’m Not Working…

Howdy, folks! Sorry I’ve been off the air for a bit. Busy November. I managed to kick out a 59,770-word first draft of my first original novel as part of National Novel Writing Month. If you’ve had an idea in … Continue reading

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Staying Organized

I have a reputation for being very organized, which is a good one to have, and one which my customers at NASA and ScienceCheerleader.com have come to value. However, such was not always the case…and, I should note, I make … Continue reading

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Desktop Folder Follies

If you have dozens of folders on your virtual desktop and you can find everything easily, great. You can ignore this post. However, if your “system” consists of putting every “critical” folder on your desktop and you then complain that … Continue reading

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