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Proposal Team Colors

The larger and more important the proposal and the larger the organization, the more proposal reviews you are likely to have. The most reviews I ever recall participating in for one proposal was three. The proposal review teams consist of … Continue reading

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Latest on the Book

Some writers are accused of having “The World’s Greatest Unpublished Novel” lurking in their computer. I’ve got something like “The World’s Most Plausible Unpublished Technical Writing Book” in mine. I’m in the home stretch on the writing portion, so with any … Continue reading

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Reader Response: Tech Writing in the Hospitality Industry

Today’s post was born out of a response to a reader who wishes to remain anonymous (FYI, I did receive her permission to share this as long as I didn’t include her name). Nice to know you folks think I … Continue reading

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Why Mentor? Revisited

Monday’s post talked a bit about how to mentor and how some of the reasons people don’t want to mentor can be overcome. However, I’m not certain I answered the fundamental question posed in the title (I see a future … Continue reading

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When Is Small Talk Not Small?

Small talk is not something introverts tend to enjoy: it usually starts with innocuous inquiries into others’ health or family without really wanting to know the details. However, that was before the pandemic. “How are you doing?” isn’t just small talk anymore. … Continue reading

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