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The Best Decision I Ever Made…For Me

Someone on Twitter posted the intriguing question, “What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?” For me, that decision was to pursue a master’s degree in technical writing at the University of Central Florida. Note that caveat: for me. Going for … Continue reading

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Preview of Coming Attractions

As I mentioned on the blog recently, I do plan on selling a paperback version of Heroic Technical Writing: Making a Difference in the Workplace and Your Life. The Kindle version is scheduled to be available August 31. Based on some … Continue reading

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One Crisis at a Time

This year might feel worse or stranger than others. One crisis after another after another. In my neighborhood, for instance, we’ve got a tropical storm coming just to make the summer a bit more interesting. Yet how much are people … Continue reading

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Mourning the Pre-Pandemic Life

I learned about the “stages of grief” model about ten years ago, when I was facing a major program shutdown and, potentially, loss of my job with NASA at the time. The agency provided discussion groups for those of us … Continue reading

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Proposal Team Colors

The larger and more important the proposal and the larger the organization, the more proposal reviews you are likely to have. The most reviews I ever recall participating in for one proposal was three. The proposal review teams consist of … Continue reading

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