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So after much internal debate and neighborhood shopping, I decided to break down and purchase a condominium. As I go through the various phases of home buying, I’m finding and creating all sorts of forms and processes to keep me on track.

The good news is that when it comes to the paperwork needed to solidify the deal, my realtor is quite organized and has provided me with a step-by-step list of the forms and tasks I need to complete and by when. She is familiar with the process and can usually anticipate the types of questions buyers are likely to ask during a sale. Also, more importantly, if my questions are not accounted for on her instructions, she usually can provide the answer quickly. As a result of this experience—and my previous home-buying experience 15 years ago, I highly recommend working with one of these “subject matter experts” if you’re buying or selling a home. They will save you a lot of work and aggravation.

The bad news is that my realtor cannot help me with my own personal logistics, such as packing up my current apartment, moving, or painting and furnishing the new place. Those activities have required me to write up my own checklists as I go along. And really, in this situation, a checklist is probably the best tool for the job. Or, if I feel like getting fancy, I might create a spreadsheet.

I’m also giving my iPhone calendar and notepad tools a workout as I track appointments and immediate tasks.

The bottom line is that the skills I’ve acquired as a technical writer and proposal/project manager have become helpful—even necessary—in this complex and expensive transaction. I’m glad I have them.

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  1. chris92071 says:

    Bart! Congrats! I am in my 40th tear of tech writing—and my wife and I bought a house in Jacksonville—and will become a “Florida Man” early next year. You are correct: use those tools found on the handheld device. Now if I can get the move from San Diego County done with ease.

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