Bonus Post – COVID-19 Arts & Recreation Survey

Updated 22 June 2021 due to form issues. See updated link and explanation below.

As many of you may know, I am currently taking a class with Kepler Space Institute regarding arts and recreation in a space setting. People living in communities far from Earth will likely experience feelings of isolation or confinement due to living in close quarters and not being able to go “outside.” These experiences are similar to how people have lived through the COVID-19 pandemic. This survey was designed to understand how people interacted with the arts and recreational activities while stuck in their own “space habitats.”

To Complete the Survey…

Survey Monkey wanted to charge me a ridiculous amount of money to use their service, so I’ve defaulted to using a Word form. To access the doc, click on the link below and allow your computer to download documents from this site. Open and save the document to your computer under whatever file name you like.

COVID-19 Arts & Recreation Survey

Each answer has a drop-down list for answering questions, with some having a text field to allow you to provide more detailed information.

Once you’ve answered all the questions, save the file again, attach it to an email and send it to Bart [at] You don’t have to include your name. In fact, to make everyone feel better about any potential privacy concerns, I’ll just download any survey attachments I receive and permanently delete the emails so your contact info will not be lingering anywhere. That said, if you respond to this survey, you are agreeing to let me include your unattributed, unpaid comments in my paper, which also could appear in other publications, including the Journal of Space Philosophy. This survey will be open until August 1, 2021. I will try to make the survey results available sometime later in August after I finish writing my paper.

Update: If the Above Form Does Not Work

It has been brought to my attention that the form is not working on all computers. My apologies. This could be a Microsoft Word issue or a Mac/PC conversion issue. Whatever the cause, if for some reason the drop-down boxes do not work, you can download the standard Word document using the link below according the procedure described above and send this version instead. Please send only one or the other, not both. To respond using this document, you may:

  • Print out the form and circle/hand-write your responses, or…
  • Select your answers by highlighting your multiple-choice responses in bold and typing your free-form responses below the questions.

COVID-19 Arts & Recreation Survey–Non-Form (Updated)

I appreciate your participation!

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