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Networking Online: How and Why You Should Make the Most of It

At the suggestion of reader and fellow technical communication consultant Larry Kunz, I thought I’d elaborate a bit on the use of networking to find full-time employment or customers.

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Networking > Resumes

In a month or two, I’ll be giving a local talk about resume writing and editing (it was going to be this week, but will likely be punted to a little closer to summer). I’m probably shooting myself in the … Continue reading

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Five Tips to Make Networking Work For You

I can’t be an introvert all the time, and when it comes to doing my job, I’m surprisingly sociable. This is important because talking to people is how you build the relationships that help your scope of knowledge grow. And … Continue reading

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When is Quiet Too Quiet?

If you ask me, I’ll happily tell you I’m an introvert. So will my friends, who don’t see me very often. Working from home is one of the best environments for an introvert seeking a quiet workplace. However, occasionally there … Continue reading

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Job Hunting: 8 Things You Can Do to Help Your Inside Game

There are (or will be) times when things are not going particularly well in your career. You might read this blog and think, “Oh sure, Leahy. It’s easy for you to be confident about this or that topic, you’ve got a job!” … Continue reading

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