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Reader Response: Can Foreign Nationals Write for NASA?

This past week I received a message from someone who found me via LinkedIn. Deepthy from India is one of those folks I especially appreciate because she wants to be a writer for NASA. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more challenging … Continue reading

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The Nuts and Bolts of Applying to Write at NASA

This past week I got an email from a college student who wanted to write for NASA. She took the time to read my page full of advice regarding the space-writing life and still wanted to know more. More to … Continue reading

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Technical Writing Paths to and from NASA

One of the most common questions I get from┬áHeroic Technical Writing readers is: “How do I get a job at NASA?” Mind you, I’ve written a few articles talking about the space writing biz outside of NASA as well, but … Continue reading

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Working for Space Outside NASA, Part 2: Entrepreneurial Space Launch

In my previous entry, I described the various contractors that, while not direct NASA organizations or employees, help NASA carry out its mission. Today I’ll take you through some parts of space that are considered–sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly–separate from the … Continue reading

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Writing for Space Outside of NASA, Part 1: NASA Contractors

Once upon a time, if you wanted to have anything to do with space exploration in this country, you went to work for NASA because they were it. Sixty years after the start of the Space Age, that is no … Continue reading

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