Keeping Your Eye on the Small Stuff During Big Projects

I’ve had my move on the brain lately because it’s consuming a lot of my time and making my apartment a mess. Still, other parts of my life go on. That’s what today’s abbreviated post discusses: not forgetting the rest of your life when one big thing takes up most of your attention.

Big projects can consume as much time as you allow them to. The more time you dedicate to them, ideally, the more you’ll be able to address all the details that need to get done. If you’re in “the zone” (where you’re so focused on the work that you lose track of everything else around you), you can feel great as your mind becomes fascinated by what you’re doing. However, it’s worth taking the time to take a break occasionally. You need to eat and attend to other bodily needs–exercise, for example. You need to answer phone calls from clients. You have requests from family members, significant others, and friends for your time and attention. You need to get some sleep. Just because you’re consumed by a project doesn’t mean everything else must stop.

I’ve had my moments of monomania, and I’ve usually paid for it if it caused me to neglect something else. Balance is key. Yes, that one project might be important, intriguing, or huge. However, eventually, it will come to an end, and you’ll still have the rest of your life–the people and activities you’ve neglected while focusing on the Big Project. What condition will they be in when you’re done? I don’t mean to multitask at all times. Do your deep dive into the one thing; however, don’t forget to come up for air occasionally and remember all the other interesting things happening in your life. There are usually a few.

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  1. Larry Kunz says:

    Well said, Bart. The only thing I might add is that taking a break doesn’t just help you keep your life in balance — it can actually help you succeed at the Big Project. When you push Big Project stuff into the background for a while, you give your brain a chance to make new connections and generate new insights.

    Good luck with the move!

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