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It’s hard to believe, but a week from now, I will be moved into the new Casa de Bart. This isn’t just a personal matter because I work from home. Today I’ll share a few thoughts about relocating your work-from-home business. The show, after all, must go on.

The good news is that corporate America–at least the parts I interact with–is reasonably understanding about the need to take time off for a move. However, because I’m only moving across town, this will be a lightning move, and my customers and I expect to be back in action as soon as the day after my stuff is moved. Of course there’s always the unexpected: snarled traffic on Interstate 4, bad weather, or other random nonsense that could delay the process.

Given the element of doubt, there are some things that I will not entrust to the movers. My laptops will come with me in the car, along with all the cords, backup drives, and peripheral components that make them useful devices. Personal valuables come with me. Clothes and toiletries I need to get through the week come with me. Everything else I’m entrusting to the movers. My money is in the bank, accessible electronically, though I opened a safe deposit box near my new location to handle things I’d prefer not to keep lying around in the home. And as I get closer to Moving Day, I’m going to have to start packing up items in the kitchen that I use to prepare meals as well as any leftover food lurking around.

It’s all in the details. The key to keeping myself mobile and operational as soon as possible is to make certain that all the important items needed to do the job stay close at hand. Other things can wait, barring any unexpected circumstances.

Mobile smart phones, of course, have made keeping in touch with customers much easier. You can check some emails, if necessary, while the apartment furniture is being taken apart and hauled away. Otherwise, if you’re in the same position I am, take that day “off” as much as possible. Obviously, your situation may differ. You might be moving to another state, across the country, or to another country entirely. You might have a significant other, children, or pets to wrangle as well. The principle of keeping-your-important-stuff-close still applies.

Keep your stuff together. The rest will work itself out. Happy moving!

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