The Tech Writer’s Proposal Survival Guide

In response to my friend Erin’s comment that she was having trouble navigating an RFI (Request for Information), I thought I’d pass along the most useful posts related to the task. And because it’s a nice way to help you, my readers, I thought I’d share with you the same links I would’ve shared with Erin. I’m helpful that way. I hope Erin and all of you find them of value.

Reading the Solicitation (Government & Otherwise)

These links focus primarily on (U.S.) government proposals, but so far as I’ve seen business and academic proposals contain the same elements, they just are not as precisely standardized.

Writing the Proposal

These posts focus on tips related to the content of your work. I’ll cover non-writing activities in the next section. My apologies if I repeat myself here and there. I’ve been writing this blog for nearly eight years now, so the same themes are likely to recur. And Uncle Sam doesn’t change much, so some advice will remain relevant.

Handling Other Things Related to the Proposal

This section is more about self-care and feeding during or after proposal writing. It can be a stressful job on occasion, with more stress added based on how much money and organizational solvency is tied to it. And if you’re the sole proposal writer or editor, the pressure will be on you to make certain things go well.

If you have specific questions (Erin or anyone else) about the mechanics or externals of proposal writing, feel free to email me at Bart at I do take requests!

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