Subscriber Benefits?

I’ve decided that one of my goals for 2017 should be to make this blog a source of income. Taking a cue from science fiction author Jerry Pournelle, I’m going to attempt a PBS model of content creation: the content will go out, but subscribers will get benefits not available to those viewing the site for free. However, I would welcome suggestions: if I had a pay wall, what sort of content make that paywall worthwhile?

This is something I’m toying with at the moment. If I get zero response or ideas of my own, I’ll drop the subscription idea. However, the PayPal button will remain for anyone feeling the urge to leave me a tip for my bits of genius.

If anything, let this be a lesson: if you don’t have to provide content for no money, however much you care, don’t.

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Freelance Technical Writer, Science Cheerleader Event & Membership Director, and an all-around nice guy. Here to help.
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